And forward we do go!

Yes we forgot the group pic, but I at least got something..

Yep, they’re dead, and as you can see so were we a few times.

Dead, and far better than the messy first encounter.


FINALLY, we go in to the Vaults and down bosses!!  With our partners in Divine Brilliance whose help was essential, got past the hurdle known as the Stone Guard, and even went on and after a few tries got Feng the Accursed down as well!  Excelllent raid people! On to next week!


Time to go forward!


We’re there, are you?

It’s now been a good bit of time, we do have level 90 folks, time to see what the new raiding is all about!

Posted on the In-Game Calendar:
Tuesday invite yourself 10 man raid,

Wednesday a 25 LFR invite yourself.

Just a reminder, the invite yourself is there so we can get a good idea who is interested in raiding going forward.
Please go sign up if you are interested!

Time to pick up where we left off!

Ok, the patch has rolled and people should be checking out their new specs & talents.

Time to resume raiding!

There is a new batch of signups posted on the in-game calendar.

NOTE – Signup, not invite, this time it’s up to you to invite yourselves by signing up – all are welcome! If we go over, the raider ranks will get priority, but don’t let that deter you, we’re looking to see who’s interested!

..And there’s MORE!

And it could be all yours for 99.99!



With H Morchok and H Yor’sahj very much a weekly clear now, We moved on up to Heroic Ultraxion and with our continuing alliance with Divine Brilliance took him down for more epic 410-ness.  next up.. Hagara, weeee!


(Insert picture from your own imagination, since none of us thought to take one)

And with repeated success on Deathwing, time to look at DS Heroics.  After working out all the added strategy, Aegis Hestia with members from Divine Brilliance down  Morchok and his evil twin  Kohcrom for some sweet 410 loots! Chef Boyarde gets a new [Hand of Morchok] and Analeva got a [Robe of Glowing Stone]!

More Heroic modes to come!

Deathwing goes down!

aaaand he is fish food!

With only one night to make it happen, Aegis Hestia has succeeded! After the absolute first attempt getting extremely close,  and even if it was pushing end of raid time, we made the famous last attempt live up to its reputation and made it a full on clear of the entire Dragon Soul encounter!

And on a small personal note, this may be the first time in the entire history of the guild that I’ve personally been in the raid the first time we’ve gotten the end boss down. Good job everyone!

And then there was one!

It’s a 2 for 1 sale! In being hopeful to finally get past Blackhorn, Aegis Hestia exceeded all expectations in raiding this week!   With a much better plan on fight tactics in place, and with friends from <Divine Brilliance> filling in for absent guildies, the Warmaster Blackhorn encounter went far smoother than it ever had before, dare I say, even a bit easy.

And then we proceeded on to the Spine of Deathwing where removal of armor was simply a matter of getting the execution down and that encounter was also put behind us.

NEXT UP: Taking on the Madness!

6 of 7… Can you FEEL it?

Confident from our previous nights success, Aegis Hestia set our sights on Alysrazor and Majordomo Staghelm for our second night of raiding. After a rather hectic start with Alysrazor’s trash, Aegis got serious (ie muted Horistin on vent) and went about downing Alysrazor and Majordomo. Both were guild first!!!


Majordomo Staghelm

Anleva obtained Wristwraps of Arrogant Doom.
Purdie obtained Sandals of Leaping Coals.
Nhil obtained Shoulderguards of the Molten Giant.


Bandaj obtained Eye of Blazing Power.
Kaimenate obtained Moltenfeather Leggings.